The Dear Remote Nearness of You



The Dear Remoteness Nearness of You will both move your heart and rattle you to the core. These lyrical, poignant, and powerful poems show Danielle Legros Georges’ deep intellect and profound empathy, as well as her endless gifts as a poet, storyteller, and a brilliant oracle of the human spirit.

—Edwidge Danticat

The Dear Remote Nearness of You speaks poetry’s origin in new and startling ways. This is the precise intelligence that knows it must step carefully across the light on the surface of the water… These poems form the contiguous dance of language choosing its own body at will, traveling across light and the dimensions of unarticulated history. This is the word rubbed onto the palimpsest of our being, the careful solo soprano in the space where music ends and poetry moves in to name what is eternal and what is only in the abbreviation of now. What a delightful book from Boston’s Poet Laureate.

—Afaa Michael Weaver

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Maroon is the debut collection of Haitian-American poet Danielle Georges who writes of the pain of exile, the beauty of nature, and the delights of love in highly rhythmic, highly original language. The range of her voice is remarkable-from the comic to the tragic to the lyric, but always her poetry is electric with an overpowering zest for life and vitality of language.

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